Blog Banners or Web Site Headers...I love designing banners! When I see or read my client's favorable reactions to my finished product, it is a special gift for me.  Humans are quick to judge a book by its cover so be sure your website or blog is a visual treat!

Buttons...A button is free advertising for your blog so why not have a custom designed 'Grab My Button' with html?  Like Linkys? Looks are important, get more blog links with a well designed button.  Everyone likes seasonal buttons, they just add such a sweet flavor to blogs.  Farm Girl is busy designing all sorts of buttons.  Find one you like!

Blogging for Businesses....Need assistance in getting your business connected online through Blogging? What a great way to communicate with your target market! Reward your readers and followers with additional info about your company. Personalizing your posts will improve your image. Blogging always keeps you in the forefront of your customers' minds.

Scrapbook Pages....Add vitality to your scrapbooks instead of the usual drag and drop photo layouts.  A graphically designed photo can make a memorable gift and can be framed.  Check out my examples to get some ideas and incorporate some custom Farm Girl designed pages for your digital scrapbook.